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Some Thoughts on the Firing of James R. Riley at University of Alabama

September 22, 2019


An announcement made on Sept. 5 was terse and expressed the opinion that the case was closed: “Dr. James Riley has resigned his position at the University of Alabama by mutual agreement,” Chris Bryant, a spokesman for the University, wrote in an email, adding “Neither party will have any further comments.” Case closed. I thought […]

Everything Free, Flatulent Cows, and No More Airplanes

August 17, 2019


I started to make a note of what some politicians are arguing for today and eventually had to run to the Internet to keep track of all the fantastic changes we can look forward to in the next ten years. In the spirit of Lewis Grizzard, I offer the following examination of the truly astounding […]

Goodbye, Columbus

November 30, 2017


Once again, Columbus Day has come and gone and I managed to refrain from writing another column on the great discoverer. I thought I had said everything I needed to say about the real, historical Columbus so much at odds with the Columbus that the modern indigenous community has invented in the past few years, […]