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The Big Problem with ALL the Political Candidates

April 10, 2016


Like most of us, I suppose, I’ve been weighing the pros and cons of all the candidates running for president of the United States. Well, not exactly all. When you look at a ballot in the polling place you will always find many more people running for just about any major office, kind of off-the-wall […]

Truth in Movies

January 31, 2015


Movies are different from books, even if the movie is based on a book, let’s say a biography, or the history of an event. Fiction is another whole realm. Each—fiction and non-fiction—has its attractions. If the biography or history expects to have an impact, it must be well written, organized and presented, preferably with a […]


October 28, 2013


Justice is a tricky concept. It has many meanings, some with legal implications, some with theological meanings, and the term is thrown around freely from Presidents to prisoners in the local county jail. James Madison wrote that justice is the end of government, or, put another way, the role of government is to see that […]

The Life of a Wrong

September 28, 2013


How long is one responsible for a wrong? Recently the CIA released a new report on Operation Trajax. The document—“The Battle for Iran”– revealed a few new facts on the removal by the United States of a prime minister in 1953 skirting too close to the edges of communism. This was, after all, the Cold […]

What is Truth?

October 3, 2012


Bill O’Reiley has a very popular show on the Fox network, which begins or ends, with his theme, “the spin stops here.” By that I take it to mean that on his show you will hear the truth, without “spin” put on it by political commentators, politicians, pundits and anyone else interpreting the facts for […]

The Truth Prism

June 4, 2012


Since the relationship between the Church (or Christianity broadly) and the State (or the government) is rising to the status of major issue in the forthcoming presidential election, we need to face this head on. But, more important, we need to employ a special prism or filter that always renders the truth when the evidence […]