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Birds Away!

August 17, 2019


A few weeks ago, we had a happy morning for those of us in the Clayton household. Fred and Henry, our baby Robins, left their nest and took flight! I felt like a new father. And I witnessed it all just as dawn was breaking through the trees and backyard to the east, which is, […]

My Prayer Dogs

May 26, 2019


My Prayer Dogs I’ve been working on a book that takes me into the world of worship over the centuries. As I studied some aspects of religious worship, I ran into items like prayer beads, rugs, rosaries, bells, crosses of all types and sizes, and other material reminders to get us into the rhythm of […]

Lessons from the Dog Park: or, You Pick Up Your Poop and I’ll Pick Up Mine, and Maybe a Few Others

December 2, 2018


While walking my dogs in the dog walk at Sokol Park a few days ago, I of course carried a few plastic bags to pick up my dog’s poop. Now, just stay with me on this one. This is not about dog poop, but that’s simply a crafty beginning to get you interested. Has this […]

The Dog Park

July 13, 2017


Everyone is glued to the television, or to your computer, or tablet, or cell phone, or whatever serves to transport you away from the humdrum existence of home. We want breaking news—the latest tweet from the President or perhaps the newest hammer and knife attack somewhere in European metro or underground (what we call subways) […]