Welcome to my blog, “The Port Rail.” I have posted short pieces on it on about a weekly basis. You can read these also in my OpEd column, The Port Rail, which appears weekly in The Tuscaloosa News, my hometown newspaper.

And you can go directly to my books on Amazon Author Central. Just toggle on the link on the left.

BTW, I spent a lot of time on the “port rail” (starboard one also!) looking out to sea while on the USS Donner (LSD 20) in the Caribbean and Mediterranean. The view was sometimes magnificent while at sea, astonishing sometimes while in port (Port au Prince, Haiti, fall, 1965 for example).

So join me on the “Port Rail” as we explore what passes before our view. Just navigate to “Posts” on the menu above to get started, or simply toggle on one of the topics under “Categories” on the vertical box on the left side of this page.

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