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A House Visit

May 14, 2023


Most of you will no doubt wonder, now what’s Larry writing about: a house visit? But those of you fifty or older, maybe a little younger or little order, will immediately relate to “a house visit.” That’s when your doctor came to your home to take care of you. That’s right. He came to your […]

On Patriotism

May 9, 2023


Not too long ago a friend of mine, Susan Warner, asked me if patriotism was out of form. Her husband, Jack Warner, now deceased, was a veteran of the Burma theater in the Second World War and he loved this country. Then on Sunday April 16, I read a piece in the Wall Street Journal […]

The Banana Republics

May 4, 2023


Some of you may be wondering what a “banana republic” is. You can look it up in Wikipedia but be careful, since the first definition that pops up is to an upscale clothing store with lots of boobs and legs, although there are other outfits marketed for everybody from babies to men. Keep on scrolling […]

Doctors, Pilots, and Equity, or Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Infecting Our Land and People

May 4, 2023


Let’s start out with a simple decision most of us have to make at one time or another. I don’t know about you, but if I am flying or having surgery, I want someone qualified by training and ability to handle the cockpit or the scalpel. I certainly don’t want someone who is there because […]

Back in the Days…

May 3, 2023


Old timers today tend to extol the virtues of when they were young, and the world was right. We all do it, perhaps exaggerating the virtues of our world and the vices in today’s world. I was reminded of this great old world as I started to convert my huge file of 35mm slides I […]

The Church Ladies, or Into the Jail We Go

April 8, 2023


Every Monday night at 5:00 p.m., a group of female prisoners are called out of their cells by the sheriff’s deputies. They are marched off to a room at the Tuscaloosa County (Alabama) Jail, usually reserved for lawyers meeting with their clients. Instead, three friends who serve as “ministers” to the ladies arrive at the […]

The Evolution of Perfection: A Mediterranean Cruise

April 5, 2023


I had to chuckle a bit at a glossy insert into one of my newspapers a few weeks ago. “Mediterranean Perfections, Oceania Cruises, Your World, Your Way.” The company Life Ultimate was advertising “2 for 1 Cruise Fares, FREE Roundtrip Airfare, FREE Airport Transfer” and other goodies. I think I would have liked “Cinematic Mediterranean, […]

What You Need to Know

January 13, 2023


I’ve been working on a book that requires me to remember what happened in the past. This is usually called a “history,” or perhaps a “memoir,” or some other easily recognizable description, with perhaps some analysis added, of the past. Most of you know what I mean. If I am going to write about “liberty” […]

Lesson from the Apostle Paul

November 24, 2022


How many times have you done or said something wrong? If you are not in this category of humankind, just quit reading and continue with your cup of coffee or glass of wine. If you have done or said something wrong, keep reading. There are two questions you need to answer: 1. What did I […]