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The War for the Soul of America

November 16, 2019


Last week we challenged higher education’s goal of diversity rather than excellence in mission and teaching. Today, let’s rachet up the stakes a bit. Our nation today is engaged in a war for its very soul. I don’t want to exaggerate for the sake of notoriety or getting your attention, but a speech by Attorney […]

Rat Poison at UA, and How to Get Rid of It

October 31, 2019


By now every Crimson Tide football fan knows that Coach Nick Saban thinks bragging on winning as “rat poison” among the team. He cultivates a winning spirit, one acquired by immense disciple and devotion to hard training and preparation, but he is also afraid that pride and bragging and feeling good about being No. 1 […]

Experiencing Capitalism

October 15, 2019


Don’t worry, this is not a piece about capitalists and socialists. You are bombarded enough with those pieces by both politicians and journalists who all claim to have the final say on the truth. I have been an academic, a professor all my working life, except for a couple of years in the Navy which […]

Moses in Exile

October 15, 2019


Not too long ago I read two pieces in the WSJ that struck some familiar chords with me. But it wasn’t so much what was in the columns, it was what was not. Stick with me. This is a puzzle of sorts and perhaps you can help me solve it. Both had to do with […]

Some Thoughts on the Firing of James R. Riley at University of Alabama

September 22, 2019


An announcement made on Sept. 5 was terse and expressed the opinion that the case was closed: “Dr. James Riley has resigned his position at the University of Alabama by mutual agreement,” Chris Bryant, a spokesman for the University, wrote in an email, adding “Neither party will have any further comments.” Case closed. I thought […]

Welcome to College, 2019 Style

May 26, 2019


Welcome to College, 2019 Style As I periodically review life inside of colleges and universities today, I’m not sure whether to cry or laugh hysterically. An article in the WSJ, “College Wouldn’t Cost So Much If Students and Faculty Worked Harder” (April 11, 2019) caught my attention. The author, Richard Vedder, wondered why colleges cost […]

On Dogs and Dating Services

December 2, 2018


As I was checking out a few weeks ago with my $uper duper dog food at one of the several pet supply stores in town, I thought back a bit to when I was growing up. I think all pet food was in the local grocery store and the big choice was bags or cans, […]