Alabamians for Academic Excellence and Integrity

Posted on January 22, 2022


When it comes to higher education in Alabama, two questions come to mind: what went wrong, and can we fix it? And do you know how state universities spend your money?

If you are paying tuition, room, board. and other costs, you should know that over 1,500 undergraduate courses at the University of Alabama meet administration guidelines for “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI).”  This includes course content that all Whites are racists and that “whiteness” itself has values that conveys special privileges and benefits to “Euro-Americans” and Caucasian people. According to principles–also being taught at UA–associated with Critical Race Theory (CRT), all White people cannot escape this damning heritage and to deny it simply reflects their “white fragility.”  Your tax dollars are spent to support this pedagogy.

Is this what you want your sons and daughters, White or Black, Hispanic, or Asian or of any other racial or ethnic category to learn about themselves, their families, and their culture?

It is blatantly obvious this country is on a bad trajectory into a self-conscious, self-serving, truly egotistical counterculture mode presided over by “woke” elites using the racist label to quash criticism or opposition. Meanwhile leftist academics, journalists, and legislators boldly ignore their own faults.

Articles on race, discrimination, and slavery are featured often in state media to ensure that the old history of slavery and segregation is not forgotten (it isn’t) to support arguments for the “victimization” of Blacks, women, and the LGBTQ community. If all Whites are racists and white supremacists, then it follows all Blacks are “victims” in our national culture. This, too, is an inescapable position inherent in Critical Race Theory and its DEI manifestations.

There is hope. A new group, Alabamians for Academic Excellence and Integrity (AAEI), formed over the past few months. You can access its webpage for details,  AAEI is a cohort of alumni, scholars, and other concerned citizens devoted to cancelling cancel culture and challenging Critical Race Theory in its many manifestations, but especially in K-12 schools and the state’s publicly funded universities and community colleges.

Throughout American academia across the country divisions of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion lead the way in promoting racial and ethnic divisions rather than the pursuit of academic excellence as the fundamental focus of higher education. Based on the totally discredited New York Times 1619 Project which elevated race to the major element driving American history, equity is defined as the process by which all individuals regardless of intelligence, studious diligence (or lack thereof), examinations and other measures of merit, achievement, or attainment will be accorded equal results in their college and university work based specifically on their race, gender, and/or ethnic identity.

For Crimson Tide football fans, imagine if Coach Nick Saban only recruited a fixed percentage of Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, etc. replicating those exact percentages among the general population of the state of Alabama (or the nation). Never mind an individual’s skill sets, talent, or intensity of desire. “We need a team reflecting the racial balance that exists throughout the state and across the nation.”  In fact, Saban actually recruits the best regardless of race, color, ethnicity, or sexual inclinations. That is not what prevails in admissions at most college and universities, public or private.

For some years, the University of Alabama has abolished failing grades for freshmen English and mathematics classes so as not to adversely affect tender egos or discourage students not properly prepared by their K-12 schooling for college demands. The overall goal is, of course, to lower the bar for admissions, achievements, teaching, research, and other activities to all minorities, adding special privileges and rewards traditionally achieved by hard work and study. “Safe rooms” are set aside on campus to protect those from being offended.

To assure equitable outcomes in a “more inclusive environment,” the University of Alabama employs over 30 well-paid DEI administrators to increase the already over 1,500 courses meeting diversity, equity and inclusion standards for focus and content.

While teaching Marxism is popular on today’s campuses, it needs to be critically compared to the worth of traditional values derived from Western culture and associated with the founding of the Republic. Keep in mind, all experiments with Marxism from the Soviet Union and Communist China, to Cuba, North Korea and Venezuela have failed and, in most cases, resulted in massive misery and deaths of millions.
          Alabamians for Academic Excellence and Integrity is identifying flaws in our educational systems and formulating solutions. All are invited to join this movement to restore liberty, freedom, a sense of responsibility, a work ethic, and the values and culture of an exceptional people, all the way from a George Washington to a Martin Luther King, Jr. in a way of life laid down by the Founding fathers. Let’s get started.

Published as “Alabamians need to unite for academic excellence and integrity,” in The Tuscaloosa News, Sunday Nov. 20, 2021.