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Of Doctors, Pilots and Equity

August 12, 2022


Let’s start out with a simple decision most of us have to make at one time or another. I don’t know about you, but if I am flying or having surgery, I want someone qualified by training and ability to handle the cockpit or the scalpel. I certainly don’t want someone who is there because […]

Old and New History

May 4, 2021


Slavery was abolished by the Emancipation Declaration of 1863 and uprooted by the final military victory of North over the South in April 1865. There followed a century of conflict largely in the South to free truly the ex-slaves and give them all the rights of all citizens, like the right to vote, to have […]

Do you know what our teachers are being taught about American history?

April 1, 2020


Did you know that “that slavery and racism are the foundations of American history?” How can that be? What happened to “all men are created equal” with liberty and justice for all? Democracy? The Vote? Liberty? Free Enterprise? Naw, forget all that claptrap. Here’s what our children need to be taught.   In 2019 The […]

Alabama, LSU and Prophets, or General William Tecumseh Sherman as Prophet

October 31, 2019


Alabama and LSU are surely looking forward to their meeting on the gridiron in November of this year. It is a great rivalry, fueled by the fact that Nick Saban also led the Tigers to a national championship a few year ago, and, of course, Nick is now here, having abandoned, from the LSU perspective, […]

Stories from a Southern Yankee

May 26, 2019


Stories from a Southern Yankee That of course is a contradictory term. How can one be a Yankee and a Southerner to boot? My Southern family—all South Carolinians–never quite forgave my parents for allowing me to be born in New Jersey, and while they loved on me, I was occasionally reminded that I was the […]

A New Civil War?

April 15, 2018


As the State of California cranks up its resistance to the federal government’s “interference” it its internal affairs, with respect especially to immigrants and sanctuary cities, it might do us well to remember another period in our history when different states took the federal government to task for interfering in their affairs. Let me take […]