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Bay of Pigs, Part Three, The Boys from Birmingham

August 11, 2023


Who were some of the veterans and what was their story from the disastrous Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba in April, 1961 at the Bay of Pigs? Joe Shannon who we met in an earlier column on the Bay of Pigs was a veteran of the Second World War. He began flying in Birmingham […]

Landings and Take Offs

September 3, 2019


A few weeks ago, as I was walking my dogs, I saw a squadron of about fifteen geese on their final approach to a beautiful and graceful landing. They were in delightful formation, descending and weaving in and out of as they aimed for a lake at the old University golf course over by the […]

Virtual Reality versus Reality

July 5, 2017


While driving home one morning a few weeks ago after taking my two Poodles for their morning run, I was listening to PBS on the radio and heard an interesting report from someone in Washington about visiting the Smithsonian Museum virtually, as opposed to visiting it in person. For those of you born before 1990, […]