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Rat Poison at UA, and How to Get Rid of It

October 31, 2019


By now every Crimson Tide football fan knows that Coach Nick Saban thinks bragging on winning as “rat poison” among the team. He cultivates a winning spirit, one acquired by immense disciple and devotion to hard training and preparation, but he is also afraid that pride and bragging and feeling good about being No. 1 […]

Moses in Exile

October 15, 2019


Not too long ago I read two pieces in the WSJ that struck some familiar chords with me. But it wasn’t so much what was in the columns, it was what was not. Stick with me. This is a puzzle of sorts and perhaps you can help me solve it. Both had to do with […]

Welcome to College, 2019 Style

May 26, 2019


Welcome to College, 2019 Style As I periodically review life inside of colleges and universities today, I’m not sure whether to cry or laugh hysterically. An article in the WSJ, “College Wouldn’t Cost So Much If Students and Faculty Worked Harder” (April 11, 2019) caught my attention. The author, Richard Vedder, wondered why colleges cost […]


September 16, 2018


Years ago, I had an opportunity to work in NYC or Washington, D.C. for the new administration of the old movie actor, Ronald Reagan, elected president, Nov. 1979. I think I voted for him since I thought his predecessor and Democratic candidate, Jimmy Carter, had failed rather signally as president, although I admired him as […]

Priorities Not in Order

January 29, 2018


Not too long ago the University held a “Harbor Training” workshop for faculty, staff, and graduate students to “have an opportunity to develop their knowledge of resources available to victims of sexual assault, domestic violence and stalking in a Harbor training session available through the Women’s Resource Center.” That’s good. Furthermore, the flyer said the […]