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Old and New History

May 4, 2021


Slavery was abolished by the Emancipation Declaration of 1863 and uprooted by the final military victory of North over the South in April 1865. There followed a century of conflict largely in the South to free truly the ex-slaves and give them all the rights of all citizens, like the right to vote, to have […]

Dachau and John Tyler Morgan

September 29, 2020


Years ago, or to be more exact, in August of 1966, I was separated from my ship, the USS Donner (LSD 20) after completing my two years of active duty. We were in Naples, Italy, a nice enough place especially with stunningly beautiful women it seemed to me after a few weeks at sea, on […]

Do you know what our teachers are being taught about American history?

April 1, 2020


Did you know that “that slavery and racism are the foundations of American history?” How can that be? What happened to “all men are created equal” with liberty and justice for all? Democracy? The Vote? Liberty? Free Enterprise? Naw, forget all that claptrap. Here’s what our children need to be taught.   In 2019 The […]

Contextualizing the Past

August 20, 2019


One of my wife’s cousins, Sheffield Hale, is dealing with one of the most delicate issues in modern society over in Atlanta these days. He’s the director of the Atlanta History Center and so is at the epicenter of what to do with the remnants of our Civil War tucked into our history. In the […]

July 4 and the Founding Fathers

August 17, 2019


Since this is July 4th weekend, I wanted to remark a bit of what we owe those “old white men” who delivered us from English oppression in the late eighteenth century. You may be unaware, but many of today’s textbooks portray the Founding Fathers as nothing but a cadre of dead, white, sexist, slave-holding males […]

Rewriting History

May 26, 2019


Rewriting History Rewriting history to suit yourself or your politics, your race or ethnic background, your religion or your anything else in your cultural or social baggage is not a new phenomenon. But we periodically need to reexamine ourselves to see if we are truly writing good history, or just arguing our points by dipping […]