Books, New and Old

Here’s a list, in no particular order, of some books I’ve written over the years. I’ve linked them all to an online book dealer, usually but not always, where you can get more information, order them, or just browse to see what readers and editors have written about the books. Just toggle on the image of the book.

Some I wrote almost half a century age ago–gadzooks!–and one I composed for the election of 2020, and the subjects span everything from Christian themes that date back to the Bible to contemporary issues in higher education and our culture generally today.

I also write an Op-ed weekly, called The Port Rail, for my local newspaper, The Tuscaloosa News. You can view those by consulting the vertical menu on the left side of this page where I’ve copied most, if not all of them, since I was invited by Robert DeWitt of the News back in 2014 or 2015 to do the column, and I thank Robert for the opportunity to do so.

Cover of book on Election 2020
How to Vote in 2020 from a Christian point of view.
Work and Wealth in Scripture


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