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Guilt and Words

August 9, 2020


Guilt is a word and issue we need to know and deal with. We are facing it right now as the race issue divides rather than unites us a nation with a major election in November 2020. Webster’s defines it several different ways, from official guilt in the commission of a crime or offense to […]

The “I”s Have It

March 19, 2020


If you think you’ve heard the expression, “the I’s have it,” you are right, but not using “I.” Rather the traditional expression is “the ayes have it” in referring to a vote where those voting “yes,” say “aye” in the old English. It may be a nautical term, since in the Navy we hardly ever […]

Quid Pro Quo

February 1, 2020


In the recent spate of impeachment activities that either enthralled you or stupefied you with boredom, a Latin phrase quid pro quo, was thrown around as describing one sin of the President. The phrase means literally something for something, a favor for a favor. Later on, bribery was hurled at the President as one of […]


December 2, 2018


Jesus preached frequently against hypocrites, largely because they were self-serving and ignored the truth. I suspect every one of us has engaged in the old sin of hypocrisy at one time or another. In today’s political world clubbing us with self-serving lies and making a mockery of the truth, we need to see clearly what […]


September 16, 2018


I woke up from my Sunday nap with a start, hearing the words of a child, singing to her departed pet, “I can’t wait to see you on the other side.” It was such a sad little song, but the little girl wasn’t crying, just talking to her dog, so very sure that they would […]