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A Little Church History

February 1, 2020


How about a bit of “breaking” news to start our read today, kind of like all the network mavens dishing out the news to us each morning, afternoon, evening and night. Bad news never seems to end. “America at the start of the twenty-first century was prosperous but morals were low.” Or, how about this […]

America Today

November 17, 2019


A few weeks ago we left off with some Attorney General William Barr’s assessment of modern America. He presented this view in a speech he delivered October 11 before the School of Law at Notre Dame University on the freedom of religion and its underpinning of American life. Christianity is on the decline in the […]

The War for the Soul of America

November 16, 2019


Last week we challenged higher education’s goal of diversity rather than excellence in mission and teaching. Today, let’s rachet up the stakes a bit. Our nation today is engaged in a war for its very soul. I don’t want to exaggerate for the sake of notoriety or getting your attention, but a speech by Attorney […]

Rich and Poor

May 25, 2019


Rich and Poor Kathleen Parker’s Op-ed Jan. 29 borrowed a few lines from literature to make her points. “Let them eat cake” was of course attributed to Queen Marie Antoinette of France when told the peasants were starving for lack of bread. The fact that there is absolutely no proof she ever made the statement […]

Can Morality Be Legislated?

June 17, 2018


Can we legislate morality? How about any of the great intangibles, like ethics or integrity, that make a culture work right? Martin Luther King, Jr., a giant in the modern civil rights movement, stated quite clearly that “morality cannot be legislated.” But he then added “behavior can be regulated,” implying that behavior can be one […]