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Two Kinds of People

July 27, 2021


In my endeavor to understand our land and its people, I have decided to select a simple way of distinguishing people. There are those who pick up their pet’s (usually dogs) poop on their walks and those who don’t. I don’t care if you are the greatest anything—novelist, politician, computer guru, homemaker, teacher, real estate […]

The Wizard of Is

June 9, 2021


Many of you will remember seeing the movie about The Wizard of Oz. I know I am dating myself and will probably eliminate at least half of my readers. Look it up in Wikipedia. At the end of the movie Alice discovers a wizard behind a curtain who is manipulating everything, a wonderful old happy […]

Red Neck Month

March 15, 2021


A few weeks ago, Black History Month (February) ended, and March 1 ushered in Women’s Month. Less you be uninformed, February also celebrated: National Fasting Month, National Enrolled Agents Month, American Heart Month, An Affair to Remember Month, Canned Food Month, and Creative Romance Month. In March we celebrate: National Breast Implant Awareness Month, Asset […]

The Visit

February 27, 2021


I have discovered an axiom that I’ll share with you today. Just when you’ve got your rhythm and routine (your r and r’s) down to a comfortable pace and predictable pattern, stand by for a change, sometimes a big change, sometimes a happy one, sometimes a tragic one, sometimes a bit of both. And beware, […]

Compassion, or Unconditional Love

February 17, 2021


This column started out in the bathing area of a local pet shop. For ten bucks (plus tax) you get access to a huge tub, shampoo, warm water, a waterproof apron, and as much time as you need with your dog to give him a great bath. There’s a warm air dryer with a long […]

On Taking Naps and Being President

January 31, 2021


I am the same age as President Biden and require a nap, or a siesta in the language I learned as a child growing up in Lima, Peru, to function. There, I’ve said it: Expressed a fact that I think is nearly irrefutable. If you are a friend or acquaintance with President Biden, please share […]

I want it

December 1, 2020


Watching a football game the other night I was half listening to the ads which are entertaining until I hit one with only four words. It began with a chant “I want it” and proceeded from there to repeat its message, with music, fast cars, good looking women, “I want it!” “I want it!” “I […]

House Calls and Other Artifacts

October 24, 2020


House Calls and Other Artifacts I am writing about a phenomenon which most of you under thirty or forty will have no idea about. Those above fifty or sixty will recognize the phrase “house call” almost immediately, kind of like recognizing Sputnik as part of the Cold War which itself may be just an historical […]

Sewing, Shop, and Cooking

August 29, 2020


I was watching my wife sewing the other day, down on her knees on a big enough space of the floor in the living room to make the initial cuts in her fabric. She learned to sew on a Singer sewing machine years ago and was now getting back in it. We bought her new […]

Guilt and Words

August 9, 2020


Guilt is a word and issue we need to know and deal with. We are facing it right now as the race issue divides rather than unites us a nation with a major election in November 2020. Webster’s defines it several different ways, from official guilt in the commission of a crime or offense to […]