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What Is the Right Model?

November 4, 2021


This is the third or fourth column this autumn on our basic history. I forget how many we have done over the years just like I forget how many times I entered a classroom or seminar room at UA for over forty years and taught a course. Hundreds? Thousands? Goodness, what a question, probably since […]

When the Seeds Were Sown and a Retraction

October 17, 2021


All farmers, from the first to today, know that you need to sow the seed if you expect to get something. Even today’s mavens of the new mostly urban, Woke culture, subscribers to BLM, and true believers of the 1619 Project know this simple truth. To reap, you have to sow. And, of course, for […]

Can You Be a (True) Christian and Still be a (Successful) Politician?

February 17, 2021


Can you be both a true Christian and a successful and effective politician? I am using Christians simply because we are still a Christian nation, at least statistically. If I were writing in Iran, well, I would probably be beheaded so let’s leave that option off the table. At the core of the differences between […]

Advice to the ex-President from a Christian

January 31, 2021


Now that we have moved on from the transition to President Biden from ex-President Trump, I thought to ask my wife Louise, a Christian like me, what advice she would have for Mr. Trump as he moves into another cycle of his life. My own advice would be simple: get over it Dude and play […]

2020 Election Reader

October 10, 2020


Your Essential Christian Guide to the 2020 Presidential Election Who to vote for? Why should I even vote? What difference will it make? This short book–you can read it in less than an hour if you are not interrupted–will answer some of your questions, and, most important, suggest that the answers are in the Bible, […]

Why Are People So Angry?

September 13, 2020


I am baffled by the reign of anger that seems to be overwhelming some people today who are getting a lot of attention as we move to elect a new president on November 3. One can read and hear in the media that they are angry over systemic racism, misogynism, immigration, pollution, police brutality, and […]

Some thoughts on the coming election, Nov. 2020

August 29, 2020


There seems to be next to little left to write about with respect to the coming election of 2020. It is truly difficult to determine truth from fiction, fact from fraud, honest opinion from outright lies and prevarication of the grossest sort. If words truly carry the day in any way, then we are in […]

Taking a Privilege

March 19, 2020


I am taking a privilege today to tell you about a forthcoming visit to the University by Ambassador Lino Gutiérrez, former U. S ambassador to both Nicaragua and Argentina. He served as U. S. ambassador to Nicaragua from 1996-1999 and as ambassador to Argentina from 2003-2006. Ambassadors hold the highest foreign service assignment to the […]

Woke Up

February 23, 2020


Now that Chick Fil A has caved to the LGBTQ community by withdrawing support for the Salvation Army and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, I think we seriously need to examine other companies and organizations with our “woke” sensitivities to sexism, systemic racism, homophobia, police brutality, misogynism and other isms destroying our country. This occurred […]

Liberty and Equality

November 28, 2019


It seems to me that we are guaranteed two rights, liberty and equality, in the founding instruments of our republic, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. There are other rights, like the freedom of religion, and principles, like government as Abraham Lincoln phrased it, “of the people, by the people, and for the people” […]