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Bay of Pigs, Part Three, The Boys from Birmingham

August 11, 2023


Who were some of the veterans and what was their story from the disastrous Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba in April, 1961 at the Bay of Pigs? Joe Shannon who we met in an earlier column on the Bay of Pigs was a veteran of the Second World War. He began flying in Birmingham […]

Some thoughts on the coming election, Nov. 2020

August 29, 2020


There seems to be next to little left to write about with respect to the coming election of 2020. It is truly difficult to determine truth from fiction, fact from fraud, honest opinion from outright lies and prevarication of the grossest sort. If words truly carry the day in any way, then we are in […]

Taking a Privilege

March 19, 2020


I am taking a privilege today to tell you about a forthcoming visit to the University by Ambassador Lino Gutiérrez, former U. S ambassador to both Nicaragua and Argentina. He served as U. S. ambassador to Nicaragua from 1996-1999 and as ambassador to Argentina from 2003-2006. Ambassadors hold the highest foreign service assignment to the […]

How Not to Change a Latin American Government: The Bay of Pigs, Redux

May 26, 2019


How Not to Change a Latin American Government: The Bay of Pigs, Redux We have written about Cuba and the United States a few times in the past. There are remarkable similarities between the early 1960s and Venezuela and the United States today, giving some credence to the old adage that history does occasionally repeat […]

Backchannel Negotiations

July 13, 2017


The most famous back-channel negotiations in modern history occurred in October 1962. They far surpassed in importance the recent hoopla on Jared Kushner and the Russians, and, furthermore, underscore the commonplace of it all. Kushner was just following some tried and true trails blazed over the centuries by others who got involved in diplomacy. To […]