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Priorities Not in Order

January 29, 2018


Not too long ago the University held a “Harbor Training” workshop for faculty, staff, and graduate students to “have an opportunity to develop their knowledge of resources available to victims of sexual assault, domestic violence and stalking in a Harbor training session available through the Women’s Resource Center.” That’s good. Furthermore, the flyer said the […]

Eggheads, Pointy Headed Intellectuals and the American Public

September 14, 2017


There is a war on these days between the intellectual world and the rest of us. Who are intellectuals? Basically, it is those who embrace and esteem the world of the mind higher than the common world most of us inhabit. Merriam-Webster defines intellectual as someone chiefly guided by the intellect rather than emotion or […]

Why Do I Need to Take History?

February 11, 2017


Well, if you know me a bit, you’ll think the old history prof is sounding off. “You gotta take history or you’ll be an ignoramus, or worse.” Maybe a politician I’m thinking, but not saying it. But I want to take up a larger issue, although I admit a partiality to history. It has been […]

Old Fashioned and Useless: Or the Great Cursive Debate

February 11, 2017


“Old fashioned” and “useless” I thought could be me and my cohort of pre-boomers (those born before 1946) on our way into retirement homes and given to just doddering around the garden watering the petunias. Writing cursive, or “long hand” as we used to say, is, I quickly discovered from a short search on the […]

Handholding 101

November 29, 2016


Here I go again, into No Man’s Land. I am of course not literally stepping out into No Man’s Land, but I will no doubt offend a few readers. So here goes. The following invitation to a webinar (google it if you are interested) arrived in my email inbox last week. Invitation: “Retention through Response: […]


September 4, 2016


The impact of education in this country is huge. And well it should be. It is through education that we bring our children into the world of adults with the values and knowledge and opportunities we want them to have. We all have a stake in education, from K-12 through college and beyond to graduate […]

I’m Overqualified

April 10, 2016


Not too long ago I was listening to a conversation behind me that I wasn’t particularly interested in. But the volume and the proximity of the older lady and the young man was such that I couldn’t help but hear it. The service in Church had not yet begun and people were wandering in and […]